My name is Blake Harris and I’m a Nashville native (unicorn status). I’ve been playing football since I was a kid, from rec leagues to high school. I went on to play at Tennessee State University, while also pursuing a degree in Exercise Science.

After college, I started playing for a local Minor League team and was soon recruited by a professional arena team. After a few years at the Arena level, I made a push to make it to the NFL. I was invited to combines, personal workouts -- I even did some things for teams in Europe and the Canadian Football League. I made a decision to hang up my cleats in 2014--one of the scariest things I could’ve imagined at the time.  No matter which team I was on, it was always my goal to be one of the strongest players on the team. A goal which I fought hard to meet.

Throughout my football and strength journey, lifting weights has always remained a priority--not as a chore but as a PASSION. Going into what would be my last season, I was introduced to Strongman. I jumped into the sport of Strongman really fast, with the mentality that the diversity of training and awkwardness of the equipment would give me an edge on the field.

Before I knew it I was hooked--I had been bitten by the Strongman bug. After retiring from football, I had a competitive void. Strongman was the answer I had been searching for!

Since then I have competed in at least three competitions every year. I even qualified for Nationals last year as a middleweight competitor. During this time in my life I have worked at various gyms as well as a local nutrition shop. I gained an absurd amount of knowledge about supplements during that time, and knew that supplements fit into my journey perfectly. That small local store is where I found NutriFitt.

As soon as I saw what NutriFitt was about, I wanted to be Involved with the company immediately. With the support of NutriFitt’s supplements and team, I have accomplished some kick ass things. I pulled an airplane down a runway. I qualified for the national level of Strongman. I am continuing to stay at a high level of competition within the sport of Strongman, as well as trying to grow the sport throughout this city--and I couldn’t do it without this amazing company. Hat’s off to you, NutriFitt.