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Molecularly Distilled Pharmaceutical Grade Omega-3 with DPA.



*Reduce Inflammation

*Support Heart and Cardiovascular Health

*Support Cognitive Function

*Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels


    MEGA FITT is processed by molecular distillation. Our Omega 3s (fish oil) are evaporated under high vaccum and the condensate is caught on a cooled surface (no heat is ever used in this process). Otherwise known as cold processing.

    This process removes all impurities if any exist. Then the MEGA FITT is tested for pesticides and heavy metals and if any are found the batch is rejected. If none are found the batch is approved for encapsulation.

    So only contaminant FREE fish oil is used to manufacture the critical omegas contained in MEGA FITT.

    MEGA FITT is produced from the Menhaden fish, which are not normally used as a primary food source but due to higher than average amounts of omega-3 fatty acids are sought out for use in high quality supplements and nutritional fish meal.

    MEGA FITT contains a new essential fatty acid variation identified as docosapentaenoic acid or DPA. It is a variation fatty acid that serves as an intermediate between the previously identified and recommended EPA and DHA omega-3's. The menhaden fish is identified as the marine source with highest amounts of DPA compared to other sources according to the USDA National Nutrient Database.

    A recent Harvard study, which involved more than 30,000 participants, showed higher plasma concentrations of DPA were associated with lower risk of heart attack. Similarly, another study showed people with evidence of CVD had lower levels of EPA, DHA and DPA as compared to healthy control subjects. Most importantly, the largest difference in fatty acid profiles was attributed to DPA.

    A separate study showed oral supplementation with purified DPA increased tissue concentrations of DPA, DHA and EPA in rats, while decreasing levels of arachidonic acid, a pro-inflammatory fat and restoring a healthy, critical balance of omega-3s to omega-6s.

    Other studies examined the role of DPA in neurological health. For instance, it was demonstrated that DPA concentrations in blood of schizophrenic patients were significantly lower than those in blood of individuals from a matched control group. A separate study showed DPA supplementation may restore age-related decline in cognitive functions in an animal model.

    Besides the role of DPA in cardiovascular, neurological and cognitive health, the compound may serve as a biomarker for other diseases. Human studies indicated a range of other potential health benefits, namely that DPA was the only EFA to have a positive effect on the aggressiveness of prostate cancer; and that omega-3/DPA levels are shown to be lower for alcohol-exposed subjects as compared to control groups.


    Numerous studies indicate insufficient levels of DPA in diets and blood circulation may serve as a predictor and indicator of a broad range of health conditions. In addition, existing evidence points to DPA as a distinct and powerful nutritional and therapeutic supplement.