Vita-Fitt Women's High Performance MultiVitamin

Vita-Fitt Women's High Performance MultiVitamin


Supports Energy Metabolism*

Eliminate Vitamin Deficiencies*

Supports Immune System*

Maximize Micronutrient Consumption

VITA-FITT is a High Performance Multivitamin, Mineral, Herbal and Nutraceutical Formula Specifically Formulated for Women.

VITA-FITT contains more than 50 ingredients, including B vitamins for energy metabolism and calcium for bone health. Besides the full spectrum of quality vitamins and minerals, VITA-FITT contains a specialized blend of traditional herbs. It is a comprehensive formula that gives women the nutritional factors they need to balance out a busy life. VITA-FITT is specially formulated to provide a gradual release of essential nutrients over a prolonged period of time to insure maximum bioavailability and performance.

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