Jarrod Houston is a multifaceted strength and conditioning coach with a very diverse
background in sports. He is often called “The Go To Guy” because of his innovative and one of
kind approach to training. When it comes to fine- tuning, specific training, and taking your
overall game and athletic ability to the next level he has been pegged as the trainer who knows
how to individually design and get you there.
Jarrod Houston’s expertise first comes from his own participation in a variety of sports.
He was a nationally ranked wrestler, 3-year college varsity football letterman, and a black belt in
karate in which he has over 12 years of experience. His Undergraduate Degree is in Business
Management, and he obtained his Master’s Degree in Human Performance Sports Sciences. He
then took his love of sports and business savvy and began personal training. Although Jarrod is
known for his uniqueness and creativity he knew the importance of taking his training to another
level by becoming well diverse in multiple certifications: International Sports Science
Association (ISSA), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS), and Bigger
Faster Stronger (BFS).
Jarrod has composed and ran multiple strength, speed, agility, and flexibility camps for
the ages ranging 5-25. He has also worked with professional players in the NFL, FIBA, WNBA,
and Minor league baseball. With his experiences, Jarrod Houston is able to cover all aspects
needed for success: Assessment, Evaluation, Development, Programming, Analysis, and
Jarrod was recently the strength and conditioning at UNLV and is currently the CEO of
his own company 321JustGo. He is married to Laura Houston, and they have a son Amari. 

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