David Cook


David Cook “Cookie” is the co-founder of Cookie Cuts nutrition/ personal training company, Boxing coach, personal trainer, online health coach, NPC competitor and Registered Nurse.


David has struggled with depression the majority of his life and he attests that fitness has saved his life. He first fell In love with fitness around the age of 18, after struggling with being overweight his entire life. He then competed In and won his first bodybuilding competition when he was 19 years old. Around that time is when he began training in Mixed Martial Arts. Since then he has had over a dozen amateur MMA fights and achieved his black belt in Muay Thai. After completing his degree in nursing, David decided to take a risk and pursue a different career path in fitness.


David and his fiancé Dani are currently developing their training company called “Cookie Cuts” where they offer offer training In boxing, kickboxing, weight training, contest prep, and nutritional coaching. Both him and his fiancé still compete in physique and bikini competitions. They both feel very blessed to be part of the fitness community in Nashville and are excited to start their family in such a loving, prospering city.

Follow David on Instagram at @flex.ft_cookie

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