Your Active Lifestyle Demands a Quality Protein Powder

By: Matt Weik

You’re probably reading this article because you have embraced an active lifestyle – I

commend you for that. You put a high demand on your body and expect it to perform

optimally. When you don’t feed your body what it needs, you’ll find your recovery is

slow, your energy is zapped, and your workouts tend to suffer. Because you have an

active lifestyle, your body demands proper nutrition.

Unfortunately, for most Americans, they have no issue taking in their daily requirements

for carbohydrates and fat, while their protein tends to be forgotten about. First and

foremost, you need to look at the whole food options you have available. Are you able

to eat enough protein from meat, chicken, fish, eggs, or plants in order to take in around

a gram of protein per pound of body weight? If not, you should consider the

convenience of a protein powder. And not just any protein powder will do. You need a

high-quality protein powder.

Quality Protein Powder for an Active Lifestyle

There are many sources of protein you can choose from based on your needs. You

have slow-digesting protein like with a casein and then you have fast-digesting like with

a whey protein isolate. When you need immediate recovery and you want to kickstart

the process of rebuilding torn down muscle fibers, a quality protein powder such as

whey protein isolate would be an ideal.

Whey protein isolate contains a good amount of amino acids to aid in proper recovery

from intense workouts. You put a lot of stress on your body due to your active lifestyle

that you could really benefit from the convenience of a quick and simple quality protein

powder that you can mix up in a hurry and then get on with your day.

The nice thing about many whey protein isolate protein powders on the market is that

they are low in carbohydrates and fat. This allows you to be more flexible with your

macros and if you wished to add something like fresh fruit to increase the carbohydrate

content or even some natural peanut butter for healthy fats, you can easily do so. Or,

simply take the whey protein isolate as is and fill in your carbs and fat through whole

food options during your day to hit your daily intake.

Thanks to advancements in flavor systems, it’s very easy to find a quality protein

powder that tastes good. Most will come in either a vanilla or chocolate to suit your

personal taste. But overall, many protein powders on the market are neglecting one

major aspect and that’s how easily your body can digest the protein, break it down, and

then shuttle it out to the muscles to start repairing and rebuilding the muscle.

Are You Really Absorbing ALL of the Protein?

Everything we consume and put into our body goes through the digestion process. It’s

how we are able to utilize the nutrients from the food we consume. Unfortunately, not

all of the food we consume is utilized which either causes it to be stored by the body (as

body fat) or is excreted. If you’re paying for something like a quality protein powder, you

want to get your money’s worth by getting the most out of each serving of protein you

drink from a shake.

For that reason, you want to look for a quality protein powder that contains some sort of

digestive enzymes or digestive complex that supports proper digestion. These digestive

enzymes help break down the protein into a usable form and allow for the uptake of all

the amino acids present.

Common amino acids that you are probably familiar with are BCAAs. These are

leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Just as important (if not more important) are the EAAs

or essential amino acids. These are the amino acids that the body needs to come from

food or supplements. EAAs are comprised of all the BCAAs mentioned along with

histidine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and tryptophan.

This combination of these specific (9) amino acids is key to the success of your

recovery. The last thing you want to do is go back to train another day and not have

fully recovered from the first workout – this would be counterproductive.

Your Body Deserves the BEST

While anyone can throw a powdered protein source in a tub and call it a protein powder,

your body will tell you if it was a quality protein powder or not. Many people who use a

low-quality protein will find they feel bloated and gassy, and sometimes suffer from an

upset stomach. We are proud to say that WHEY-FITT is a quality protein powder that

we went to great lengths to formulate to help enhance your recovery and aid in your

muscle-building efforts.

WHEY-FITT is a hormone-free, 100% whey protein isolate that is naturally flavored and

delicious. This fast-absorbing, natural protein powder is enhanced with probiotics and

enzymes to aid in digestion to help your body break down and utilize the nutrients in the

powder while also helping support your digestive system and help keep it healthy and

functioning optimally.

Additionally, this quality protein powder is cold-processed and undenatured. It contains

whey protein fractions, immunoglobin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptides. You’ll be

hard-pressed to find a higher quality protein powder on the market. Each serving of

WHEY-FITT (33g) provides you with 25g of whey protein isolate to help you build

muscle, enhance recovery, and support your immune health with beneficial probiotics.

Don’t compromise or skimp when it comes to the protein you put in your body. Your

results and performance demand quality nutrients. The last thing you want to do is

spend your money on an inferior source of protein that won’t give you the most benefits

from each serving. You put forth maximal effort with your training – let us worry about

your post-workout nutrition so you can put your focus elsewhere. You can feel

confident using our quality protein powder. But results won’t happen on their own.

Greatness is earned.

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