By: Matt Weik

Take off your clothes and look in the mirror. I know, it’s weird to hear someone say that

but go with me on this one – I promise it won’t be weird. What do you see? How does

your physique make you feel at this very moment? Now think about being in a bathing

suit in a month. Worried? If so, it’s time to put your head down and get to work. All

those extra meals and desserts over the winter months and holidays surely didn’t help

you. But don’t get all depressed and down on yourself – you still have a little time but

you need to act now. To help put you in the best position to shed off that excess bulge,

here are five effective ways to get fit for summer.

1. Lower Your Calories

I feel as though we need to start off with this one because ultimately your nutrition will

make or break your results. You can’t out-train a poor diet, so let’s get things under

control right from the beginning. You need to put yourself in a caloric deficit. What that

means is, you need to consume fewer calories than maintenance in order to see the

number on the scale decrease.

If you are consuming 2,500 calories as maintenance and not gaining or losing any

weight, reduce that number by 250-500 calories per day. A 500-calorie reduction will

have you lose around one pound of weight per week and a 250-calorie reduction will

have you lose a half pound each week. You could always start off at 250 and after a

week or two bump it up to 500 if you aren’t seeing any results. This is a great first step

to help you get fit for summer.

2. Play with Your Macro Ratios

Tying in with #1, you should look to also play with your macros. Try to keep your

protein intake around 1g of protein per pound of body weight, but other than that, see

how your body responds to a reduction in fat or carbohydrates. Some people can do

extremely well on a low carb diet while others feel tired and suffer from brain fog. If

that’s you, change it up and lower your fat content but I wouldn’t recommend going

under 15% of your calories coming from fat.

3. Increase Your Cardio

You might be asking, “What’s cardio?” And you’re not alone. Winter months are

generally when everyone puts cardio on the back burner and focuses on adding quality

lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, many tend to put on some body fat with that new

lean muscle. With that being said, we are now in crunch mode to get fit for summer and

need to introduce it back in or even increase the duration of cardio you were currently

doing to help burn off stubborn body fat and create that lean physique you can be proud

of when you take your shirt off.

As a starting point, I’d recommend striving for 30 minutes of cardio five days a week.

This combined with a reduction in your overall calories will make it fairly easy to see the

change on the scale and in the mirror.

Make sure you continue to hit the weights hard during this time. You want to maintain

as much lean muscle mass as possible to help keep your metabolism revving.

4. Try HIIT Cardio

I’ve you’ve never tried HIIT cardio, I’m certain you’ll love it. Ok, that was a lie. You’ll

probably hate me upfront but love me after you start seeing the results. HIIT cardio

stands for high-intensity interval training. If you want a quick way to bust through a

session of cardio and work your mind and body to the max, this is the way to go.

Generally, HIIT sessions are 15-30 minutes depending on your current fitness level.

The more fit you are, the longer/more circuits you can do.

An example of HIIT cardio would be walking for 60 seconds and then immediately

sprinting for 30 seconds. Following your sprints, you immediately walk for 60 seconds

and the cycle simply continues for as long of a duration as you are able to accomplish.

Being that the weather is getting nice, I would highly recommend you get outside and

utilize your HIIT cardio in the fresh air. Plus, it’s much nicer scenery when compared to

the inside of a gym where you’re probably staring at a wall or television (which you

won’t really be watching due to the intensity of HIIT cardio).

5. Utilize a Fat Burner

If you are utilizing all of the things above and need an extra little boost, consider adding

a fat burner into the fold to help you get fit for summer. Now, do not use fat burners as

a crutch to fix your poor lifestyle and nutrition choices or you will simply be wasting your

money. You need to be honest with yourself as there is no magic fat burner that will get

you fit for summer without your intervention and lifestyle change.

The purpose of a fat burner is to help boost your metabolism so that you are able to

burn more calories throughout the day. They are also able to reduce your appetite so

you don’t have crazy cravings while you are in a caloric deficit. One product you can try

is Thermo Fitt.

Thermo Fitt contains 13-full strength fat-burning ingredients that can help you shed

unwanted body fat to assist you in getting fit for summer. It includes 4 patented

ingredients (KSM-66®, ActivAMP®, Capsimax®, and BioPerine®) to help provide you

with the ability to stimulate lipolysis, increase your metabolic rate, reduce cortisol,

enhance mood, improve satiety, and boost your focus.

Utilize the five points mentioned above and you will increase your chance of being fit for

summer, even if you’re starting things a little later than you originally wished (as they

say, better late than never). Keep your head down, put in the time and the work, be

consistent, and the results will start to show. Don’t be afraid to tweak things slightly as

you start to plateau either. If you see the scale stop moving, consider adding in a little

more cardio (either another day of cardio or longer sessions) or reducing your calories

another 250-500 calories. Before you know it, your FITT body will be ready to be


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